Ababu ‘confesses’ he is in Jubilee, Kenyans not happy

Labour party Kenya boss Ababu Namwamba on Sunday confessed that he is working with the Jubilee party.

“Na mimi ninakemea sana ufisadi kabisa katika serikali za counties. Na sisi kama chama cha Jubilee…sisi kama chama cha cha labour party tunajua kuwa jubilee imefeli,” he said

Loosely translated to (I condemn the corruption in county governments and we as Jubilee party … (sic) we as labour party we know that Jubilee has failed)

Ababu made the remarks on Sunday during a church service at Glory Worship Center in Bangla, Jomvu constituency Mombasa.

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His ‘slip of the tongue’ has made Kenyans conclude that indeed Ababu was working with Jubilee when he was in ODM party.

Ababu quit his position as ODM secretary general saying he was keener on an outfit that would effectively represent Luhyas.

“A snake in green grass. Stop living in denial. Just put on the correct uniform and play ball,” Joseph Oluanda said via Facebook on Monday.

“This man confirms what I have always suspected : Jubilee in flesh and blood,” Noah Otieno said.

Lesootia ‏said “Ababu’s heart is in Jubilee he should firm up declare his heart’s wishes …it is no sin to associate with JP.”

Another user James Owuor said “From the abundance of the heart so speaketh the mouth.”

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Kenneth Omonge said Ababu does not even know his party and asked that he styles up.

“He does not even know his party? Ahahahahahaha! Kula nyama bila mpango without knowing the source can make you just vomit and diarrhoea anywhere,” he said.

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The Budalangi MP denied allegations he is a Jubilee mole saying this conclusion cannot be drawn simply because he sat with leaders of the ruling coalition to discuss development.


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