In the event of a sudden emergency such as a hurricane, you may have just minutes to gather your family and important papers, and get out of your house, possibly for good. Are you prepared? Where would you go? What would you take with you?
With preparation and practice, you stand the best chance of getting out with what you and your family need, and ending up in the right place.
Planning ahead is crucial; this five-step plan can help get you and your family on the road to safety.

1. Arrange Your Evacuation Ahead of Time

2. Create a Home Inventory

A home inventory will help ensure that you have purchased enough insurance to replace your personal possessions. It can also speed the claims process and substantiate losses for income tax purposes. A detailed home inventory is also helpful should you need to apply for disaster aid.
To make creating a home inventory easier, the I.I.I. offers the the free Know Your Stuff® Home Inventory Tool that enables you to create and maintain a home inventory on any digital device or computer and safely store it online for easy, secure access–anywhere, anytime.

3. Plan What to Take

4. Gather Important Documents

Keep important documents in a safe place that you can access easily. In the event of an evacuation take the following documents with you:

5. Take the Ten-Minute Challenge

To find out if you are ready, do a real-time test. Give yourself just 10 minutes to get your family and belongings into the car and on the road to safety. By planning ahead and practicing, you should be able to gather your family members and pets, along with the most important items they will need, calmly and efficiently, with a minimum of stress and confusion.
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